Historical events

Brits mix real historical events with fiction like Game of Thrones

[ad_1] Britons confuse real-life history with fiction – as more than a third admit to knowing more about Game of Thrones than The Wars of the Roses. One in ten mistakenly thinks Jon Snow was a real-life historical figure – while some believe King Arthur (40%), Robin Hood (29%), and Count Dracula (12%) all existed. […]

Historical events

New WRC 10 update arrives with historic rallies and events

[ad_1] KT Racing Studio opened the hood on the latest WRC 10 Update Patch Notes, which contains a bunch of new content, including additional rallies and historical events, among others. Check out the WRC 10 update below. Related Content – Complete Guide Sony PS5 – A Total Resource on PlayStation 5 Rallies New Rally 2021 […]

Historical books

NOTICE: Cooking from historical books makes Norfolk so different

[ad_1] That’s the problem with the story – no matter what happened, there was always someone who knew it would happen. I wasn’t much of it, so I’m inclined to take a reasonable Norfolk stance and treat it all with a fair amount of suspicion. I’m known to step in when no one is looking […]

Historical events

Filmmaker Vinod Nair revisits historical events in his first book

[ad_1] Filmmaker Vinod Raman Nair has always been drawn to history and in his first book he weaves an adventure around the 9th century Middle East through Tunisia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, then Turkey, the Iran and Iraq. ” 3 & The Emerald Stone of Irene ” seeks to perceive medieval Islamic history with a fictional […]

Historical events

Romanus Numerus brings Roman numbers depicting historical events in NFT space

[ad_1] To share Tweeter To share To share E-mail Non-fungible tokens can be used for many use cases, including immortalizing history on the blockchain. For example, the Romanus Numerus project merges history and technology, connecting the past with the future. It is fascinating to see a collection of Roman numerals in the NFT space, as […]

Historical events

Hofileña: historical events in Negros with the arrival of the United States

[ad_1] Notable historical events occurred in Negros before the arrival of American forces in the late 1800s and the uprising of Negros Cinco de Noviembre against Spain on November 5, 1898. Previous events included the role of the early Catholic missionaries as agents of social, economic and spiritual change when the Spanish missionaries began their […]