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Best award-winning historical movies to watch now

Believe it or not, the historical epic is one of the oldest cinematic genres ever made. The powerful characters, larger-than-life scenes, and overwhelming action sequences are not only visually stimulating, but also leave a lasting impression on the audience. Perhaps that’s why most good historical films remain iconic even years after their release. Since John […]

Historical events

Riot of Resolis piece inspired by real historical events on Black Isle to be featured at Cromarty Crime & Thrillers Weekend

The Riot Of Resolis perform as part of Crime Weekend at Cromarty…Corrie Jeffrey, Carsten Flieger, Nicki Slater, Nige Shapcott, Vicki Nevin and Ben Flieger…Photo: Callum Mackay.. It is hoped that a play based on the story of a historic riot on the Black Isle will have the chance to tour the region later this year. […]

Historical events

Silverton Siege release date: is it based on historical events?

Based on authentic stories, Netflix has produced a number of movies and TV episodes. Silverton Headquarters is one of them. Bank held hostage after anti-apartheid protest goes awry in Netflix film Silverton Siege Mandla Dubé, the director, and creator of films such as The Italian Job Strike Back, Angel Heart and Umtunzi we Ntaba, considers […]

Historical movies

190 historical films that tell the story perfectly

While we all know the saying (or rather the truth) that history tends to repeat itself, each rendering takes a slightly different course of its own – thus varying all the wars, all the betrayals and all the heartwarming stories between them. , leaving us in awe of every periodic story, whether old, new, or […]

Historical events

The First Lady, Pam and Tommy and feminist accounts of historical events are adorable. Maybe too sweet sometimes.

Placeholder while loading article actions In a scene from Showtime’s new series “The First Lady,” a fictional Eleanor Roosevelt (Gillian Anderson) clashes with her shellfish stepmother, dissecting FDR’s latest infidelity. “When you marry a man,” the elder Roosevelt warned her daughter-in-law, “you can’t be surprised when he acts like a man.” Eleanor’s tart response: “When […]

Historical movies

14 best historical movies to watch in 2022

Historical films are full of art. For any movie buff, watching historical films is like a treat. The plot, cinematography, and characters take them down the historical path, where they explore the cultures, habits, and other details of antiquity. Historical films have a strong reputation in cinemas and audiences love to watch them at their […]

Historical events

Did these three prophets actually predict these major historical events?

We as humans are curious creatures not only in terms of technology and innovation to the point that we launched some of us into space millions of miles away to see what actual rocks were on that moon above us. More than that, we also felt like wanting to know what lies ahead. The idea […]

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Historical Books Over 300 Years Old on Display at Ramadan Book Fair

Doha: The Abdul Aziz Al Bohashem Al Sayed Library for Heritage Books participates with a collection of manuscripts and rare books containing various books dating back more than 300 years, as part of the cultural activities of the Ramadan Book Fair which takes place stands on the west square of Souq Waqif. The book fair […]

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Historical Events 2022 | Special entertainment sections

John Paulding Historical Society Motorcycle Race – June 4, Paulding, starts at 11 a.m. Power of Yesteryear Tractor Show – June 4, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wood County Museum, Bowling Green. Tea & Talk: Pride (& Prejudice) in Weddings – June 9, 2-4 p.m., Wood County Historical Museum, Bowling Green. Four Corners Heritage Center […]

Historical events

Watch Historic Events Live – 100 Mile House Free Press

“Well, I really hate living through these historical events.” It’s a phrase and a sentiment that I’ve seen shared by a lot of people of my generation lately, especially in recent years. It’s one that I understand and sympathize with. It’s that feeling of helplessness that many of us experience as we watch world-shaping moments […]