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9 Historical Events Alluded To In The Season 5 Trailer

With The crown season 5 scheduled for November 9, Netflix has just released the trailer, and it clearly won’t hold back on the controversial elements. In particular, the trailer hinted that the new season will be full of historical events and royal dramas, set in the 1990s.

The new season will feature much of the relationship issues between then-Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, which was the focus of the trailer. And considering the show has its fictional aspects, the trailer showed many historical events, including the infamous revenge dress, the revealing interview with former BBC journalist Martin Bashir, and the impact of the insightful interview about royalty and how they were perceived.


Fire at Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Burning in The Crown Season 5 Trailer

The crown The trailer begins with what is Windsor Castle completely ablaze, with Queen Elizabeth II watching the flames in awe as they engulf her favorite residence. Therefore, this scene will likely focus on the Queen’s misfortunes and lowlights during this decade, especially given the headline about the turmoil within the royal family.

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According to Royal Collection Trust, the fire broke out in November 1992, lasted fifteen hours and destroyed 115 rooms in the castle. Although most of the artefacts of great importance were saved from the fire, a few pieces were still lost. The fire is regrettable and requires a lot of manpower to put out, but also provides an opportunity to modernize some aspects of the castle, which the Duke of Edinburgh is undertaking. After five years, renovations to the castle were complete.

Martin Bashir interview with Diana

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in The Crown Season 5

At the end of the trailer, there was a quick look at the cameras and chairs in place in preparation for Martin Bashir’s 1995 interview. The trailer shows the two seated, ready to discuss Diana’s experience as a royal. Of course, it’s one of the most anticipated moments of this season, considering how the interview erupted in real life and put the royal family in an awkward position.

With Elizabeth Debicki taking on Emma Corrin’s portrayal of Diana, her interview with Bashir was very daring and was seen as completely contrary to the values ​​and norms of the royal family. However, Diana knew this and was determined to tell her side of the story, including information about her marriage to the then Prince of Wales and her longtime affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The deterioration of royal marriages

Emma Corin and Josh O'Connor as Princess Diana and Prince Charles in The Crown

The trailer pays a lot of attention to the deterioration of the Welsh marriage, as well as the pressure this puts on Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family as an institution. And while the previous season set the stage for the doomed marriage, season 5 will likely show the worst of it, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s failed marriage wasn’t the only one that led to a divorce.

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The 1990s saw the end of three of the Queen’s children’s marriages, which was almost completely unheard of before. In 1992, Charles and Diana announced their official separation (via History), and that same year, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson announced theirs (via BBC). On top of that, the Queen’s daughter finalized her divorce from Mark Phillips and then married her second husband, Timothy Laurence, the same year. It’s unclear how much of the new season’s focus will be on the other couples, given how the trailer puts Princess Diana front and center, but she’ll likely be referenced.

Annus horribilis

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown

During the trailer, there is a voiceover from the Annus horribilis speech, describing how 1992 was a year of reflection for Elizabeth II. This is heard on the scene where there is a fire at Windsor Castle.

In November 1992, Elizabeth II delivered a speech now called Annus horribilis. After the traumatic year that saw part of Windsor Castle burnt down and the marriages of three of her children broken down, Elizabeth looked back on the year with reflection. 1992 was arguably one of the worst years for the Royal Family, and it looks like Season 5 will devote most of its time to this period to show how their lives have changed dramatically and the public’s perception of them. . It will happen with Imelda Staunton reprising the portrait of Queen Elizabeth, showing the family at their lowest.

Mohamed Al-Fayed with Diana, Princess of Wales

Princess Diana in The Crown Season 5

One important scene that some people may have missed is a quick glimpse of Diana with Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi Fayed’s father. Although Dodi isn’t depicted anywhere in the trailer, he is clearly shown out of sight when Diana smiles, hinting at the season possibly showing how their relationship began.

According to Cosmopolitan, Dodi and Diana first met in a polo match where Dodi and Charles were on opposite teams, although that happened in 1986. While Season 5 will clearly cover most of the early 1990s, they didn’t start their relationship until 1997, 11 years after they first met. This suggests that the Netflix series could make liberal changes to the timeline of their relationship, but nonetheless, it will be a major storyline in Season 5.

The revenge dress

Diana wearing the revenge dress in Crown Season 5

Many fans have been waiting for the biggest fashion moment in Princess Diana’s life, and the trailer came with her arriving at an event wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress. This has since been dubbed the Revenge Dress, in which the event occurs right around Prince Charles’ interview with Jonathan Dimble admitting his infidelity (via Hello Magazine).

It’s one of the most well-known accounts, given speculation at the time of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ rocky relationship. This continues in other historical events depicted in the trailer as Diana starts talking about her marriage and tries to hold her own to the royal family with these daring stunts. Considering The crown is one of the best shows about the royal family, this season will see how the core members struggle with Diana’s popularity, especially after this incident.

Trevor McDonald

The trailer features various news articles and journalists, one of them being prominent journalist Trevor McDonald. Speaking to the camera, McDonald asks: “Have the royal scandals damaged the reputation of the country?

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Through The crown, the royal family struggled in a new and pervasive era of the press. The scrutiny seems to be at its peak during this period, during which the marriage of Diana and Prince Charles made headlines. McDonald’s presence indicates that more difficulties are yet to come, especially with the separation of Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, and their ultimate divorce.

Jubilee Ruby

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown season 5

In The crownit is season 5 trailer, there are obviously many celebrations present, likely showing the family’s attempts to keep up appearances despite the scandals. Although it is unclear which events these are as this was a complete montage of them, the most likely is the Ruby Jubilee, marking Elizabeth II’s forty years on the throne . This is the same event where the Queen will address the famous Annus horribilis speech, and considering how the trailer showcased moments from that year, this again indicates that Season 5 will observe most of its storylines set in 1992.

While the speech and event are meant to be a celebration of the Queen’s reign, 1992 was definitely not commemorative, as the trailer suggests. Considering the show began with the rise and evolution of Queen Elizabeth, the trailer surprisingly shows too few moments of her. It highlights how the transgression overwhelmed the monarch and how the spotlight shifted from her to Diana.

Prime Minister John Major

Jonny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major in The Crown season 5 (1)

With Jonny Lee Miller playing John Major in The crown season 5, he appears several times in the trailer but as a shadow behind the fiasco of the royal. Considering the previous season showed the political climate left behind by Margaret Thatcher, Major will likely pick up the pieces of his party in the 1990s.

Like other prime ministers in recent seasons, Major will likely provide more commentary on royal unrest, especially as the country still grapples with the economic turmoil of Thatcher’s tenure. More importantly, considering all the issues of this decade, Season 5 could highlight a political shift and public distrust of the Conservative Party, with the Labor Party finally rising to prominence amid the 1990s. With Bertie Carvel as Tony Blair, the Prime Minister after Major, that could be the case, though it entirely depends on where Season 5 plans to end in terms of timing.

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