Creditworthiness – borrower’s financial capacity analysis – Cash loans

The bank refused you a loan because you don’t have creditworthiness? This often happens, especially in the largest banks. They don’t complain about the lack of customers. You can apply for a loan at several other banks. It’s best to choose the niche that are fighting for customers. The creditworthiness they calculate is much lower.   Banks’ credit policy It […]

Foreign currency loans – to postpone final vote on forint conversion proposal

The GFI has proposed that the House postpone its final vote on Tuesday’s bill on the conversion of foreign currency loans into forints, which they believe have not yet been clarified. Lacked a conversion calculator Arnold Sniffer, co-chairman of the opposition party, raised a question at Monday’s press conference on whether debtors’ installments would actually be reduced by 25 percent; […]