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Dark Horse’s Fragmentation Collapses Timeline As Historical Events Overlap

Read any history book and you’ll be glad the past is over, that you avoided things like the Black Death, the Ice Age, or the pre-plumbed toilet. What if history decides to come back? What if the problems humanity faced in the distant past traveled through time to scour us today? What would you do?

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That’s the basic premise of Dark Horse’s next original graphic novel, Fragmentation, which takes place in a world where time warps and pulls different eras towards ours, like sick butterflies towards a flame. Major historical events repeat and even overlap.

The story is created and written by Marc Guggenheim, whose sci-fi and time travel chops include the Young X-Men comic books and the Legends of Tomorrow TV show, drawn by artist Avatar: Adapt or Die Ben R. Lobel and colored by Christopher Sotomayor.

The Fragmentation is a standalone story centered on a family whose past traumas come back to haunt them in the same way that all of humanity’s traumas come back to haunt the world. It will be up to them to confront the demons of the past and hopefully mend the historical rift in time to gain… well, time.

Newsarama readers can get a first look at the graphic novel’s pages in the gallery below.

Fragmentation will be available in comic shops on January 25, 2023 and in bookstores on February 7, 2023.

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