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Ethnic Kazakh living in Istanbul The genius behind the costumes of historical films and theaters


NUR-SULTAN – Ethnic Kazakh Turan Bahadur, who lives in Istanbul, has made clothes for historical and period films in Turkey. After the website launched, his movie costume designs started to gain popularity in a competitive market, Turkystan.kz reported.

Turan Bahadur

Bahadur also designs jewelry, has its own boutique and workshop.

Since childhood, Bahadur has helped his father at the sewing factory. After graduation he decided to start making clothes like his father had done.

“Twenty years ago I opened my own shop, started sewing national clothes and making jewelry. Our team now has 10 people. I also teach young people as my father taught me. I am happy to receive such positive reviews on our website, ”he said.

Bahadur also spoke about his cooperation with historical film producers.

“There is a great demand for the headgear of the Oghuz (a Western Turkish people who lived in the 8th century in Central Asia). Some customers ask for a certain design for the hats. Of course there are many other masters, but our items are in demand, ”he said.

His first commission was for the film “Korkyt ata”. The BaÒ»adur team made costumes for the films “Direnis Karatay” and “HürkuÅŸ: The Hero in the Sky”, as well as costumes for the Turkish singer Alperen Kekilli.

“We also cooperate with some theaters in Istanbul. We often receive orders from the organizers of archery competitions. We have customers from Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Ukraine. I am happy to continue the tradition of my family, ”he said.

Bahadur is also vice-president of the public association of the Kazakh-Turkish Society for Education and Research. Along with the educational mission, members decided to help Kazakh ethnic families living in Turkey with computers during a pandemic.

Two years ago Bahadur visited Kazakhstan. “I went to Almaty. I went to Koktobe, the Chimbulak Valley and the Grand Bazaar. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to visit other places in Almaty. It’s a big city, ”he added.

Bahadur plans to visit several regions of Kazakhstan in the future. “I want to go to Semei. My father once lived in East Turkestan, but my grandfather is from Semei. I have heard a lot about the beautiful capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan. My dream is to try kumis (fermented mare’s milk) and celebrate Nauryz (the spring festival of the Persian and Turkish speaking nations which symbolizes the start of the new year) there ”, he said. he declares.


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