Historical events

Filmmaker Vinod Nair revisits historical events in his first book


Filmmaker Vinod Raman Nair has always been drawn to history and in his first book he weaves an adventure around the 9th century Middle East through Tunisia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, then Turkey, the Iran and Iraq.

” 3 & The Emerald Stone of Irene ” seeks to perceive medieval Islamic history with a fictional narrative and unravel the mystery of what is considered the golden age of the Islamic Empire.

Nair believes that history for many children becomes boring as parents often push them into math and other science subjects.

It took him a while when he got into his youth to realize that “history was the most misrepresented subject for a child.”

In his case, he developed a taste for the subject by reading books related to history and watching movies.

“With history having so many dimensions, I envisioned weaving stories of these great civilizations, their glory and their downfall,” he says of the idea behind his book, adding that this story is a mix of history and contemporary adventure with fictional characters.

Today, looking at history through timelines and personalities leads to wars. History should be understood as the stories of great civilizations that existed on this planet and of events that shaped the world, ”said Nair. Nair, who has worked with such figures as Korean director Kwon Taek, producer-director Stanley Huntsman and British actor Alex Goldwin, shot through the war-torn Gaza Strip for a German film, which was screened at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival.

Legend has it that Empress Irene, the ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire, had to part with an occult stone endowed with the power of fortune that helped Caesar rule the world.

She gave it to Harun, the 19-year-old son of Al Mhadi – the Caliph during his conquest of Byzantium in AD 782. The stone was lost during the collapse of the Islamic Caliphate in the 13th century. He is believed to be buried in the lost city of Al Rafika. In the novel published by Notion Press, the quest to find the Emerald Stone reaches a breaking point. There have been three high-profile assassinations (linked by a mysterious golden arrow found next to each body) and the kidnapping of a veteran archaeologist.

A global forum of peacemakers summons an archaeologist, a spy and a historian to take charge. The “3” came together to unearth a deadly gruesome event, which led to “The Order of the 9 Angels,” a neo-Nazi satanic organization led by the Dark Lord Nergal.

The “3” embarked on the mission to prevent the stone from falling into the hands of the dangerous Nergal.

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