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“Freedom The Musical” Relives the Historic Events of Fees Must Fall


Through Kedibone Fashion June 16, 2020

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“” Freedom The Musical “tells a powerful story of the #FeesMustFall movement.

The gripping musical is created by Aubrey Sekhabi, artistic director and multi-award-winning playwright of the South African State Theater.

A phenomenal cast of 47 members and a group of thirteen members tell the powerful story of Phindile Ndlovu, a student at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and leader of the #FeesMustFall movement.

The young student leader will stop at nothing to fight for the freedom of her classmates, free education and, ultimately, her own freedom.

The show highlights crime, rape, abuse against women, racism, xenophobia and corruption, among other relevant societal issues.

Lead actor and Music Director Kabelo “Bonafide Billi” Togoe says he’s thrilled that “Freedom The Musical”, which resonates with many South Africans, is finally reaching a wider audience as the 2018 production goes digital.

The cast of ‘Freedom The Musical. Photo: Sanmari Marais.

Commenting on the show, he said: “She is interested in the complex struggles facing young people in South Africa and aims to portray these challenges through dance, music and spoken word.”

Expanding on his role, the youngster added, “I composed the score for Freedom and worked closely with director and screenwriter Aubrey Sekhabi to sum up the current struggle and tell the story as best we could. It was my first acting role and I found it super stimulating.

“Since then, I have developed a deep respect for actors and theater practitioners for their commitment to telling stories through their body and soul. I had to split into three to conduct the music as well, which was incredibly rewarding.

He adds: “As a composer, I loved to dream of music, to hear it before it existed, to hear all the parts, from string sections to guitar tracks and to actually see it come to fruition, that was. simply magical.

“As a performer, nothing beats observing the impact of the show on the audience and discussing their experiences with them. “

The 27-year-old star also spoke about the challenges young people face, including the low level of education in the country.

“The level of education in our country has dropped considerably. Students need grades as low as 30 percent in certain subjects to advance to the next level, forcing them to underachieve and making it incredibly difficult for young people to compete in the global marketplace.

He continued, “Violence and drug addiction in poverty stricken communities are rife and these acts are usually committed by unemployed youth. “

The cast of “Freedom The Musical”. Photo: Sanmari Marais.

Togoe, however, expressed gratitude for the theater industry’s massive contribution to helping young people develop and nurture their talent.

“Theaters have done so much for young people to create and work, promoting professionalism and producing high quality productions. “

On why the commemoration of Youth Day is relevant today, he explained: “It is necessary to keep the fire burning, it is important to reflect on the past, to understand our current situation and our strategies for an even better future. “

The cast of “Freedom The Musical”. Photo: Sanmari Marais.

“Freedom The Musical,” which premiered at the State Theater in 2018, will air on the State Theater’s YouTube channel from Tuesday, June 16 through Sunday, July 5.


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