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Hampi: Hampi Google’s Most Searched Historic Place in Karnataka

BANGALORE: Popular search engine Google said today that the heritage town of Hampi has become the most sought-after historic place in Karnataka.

According to Google search trends over the past six months, there is growing interest in Hampi, built by Vijayanagara Empire, among tourists as it emerges as the most searched historical site in Karnataka, Google said in a statement. .

Hampi was most wanted in Goa, followed by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The Hampi temple remained one of the top queries on Google, he added.

Hampi which finds its place in the UNESCO World Heritage sites is one of the most famous international tourist sites in India. It is well known for its architecture and features splendid art and beautiful carvings.

Google has stated that Mysore Palace, also known as Ambavilas Palace, is the second most famous sought-after heritage site in Karnataka. It has been the most wanted since Karnataka and followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

He said other famous places of historical significance include Gol Gumbaz and Bahubali, which have been extensively excavated from Karnataka. They were the most searched by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


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Badami Cave Temples, located on a cliff in northern Karnataka, have also made their presence felt on research boards, attracting a large number of searches, although they have remained relatively less popular than others. historic destinations in the state, he added.

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