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Historical Books Over 300 Years Old on Display at Ramadan Book Fair

Doha: The Abdul Aziz Al Bohashem Al Sayed Library for Heritage Books participates with a collection of manuscripts and rare books containing various books dating back more than 300 years, as part of the cultural activities of the Ramadan Book Fair which takes place stands on the west square of Souq Waqif.

The book fair will continue until April 16.

In a special statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), library owner Abdul Aziz Al Sayed reviewed his participation in the exhibition.

He said the library’s participation is represented by the display of a group of valuable religious and historical books and books on travelers dating back 300 years.

These include the Arabian Desert Books which deal with the Persian Gulf region and mention the Orientalists who passed through this region and wrote its geography and history and shed light on its environment and problems.

He emphasized his great interest in Orientalist books and his concern to have them on the shelves of his library, which contain rare and historical books that carry valuable information on their centuries-old pages.

He pointed out that his library, in addition to Arabic books and manuscripts, also contains a large number of books in English and French, and the book of German traveler Burckhardt, who visited Qatar and documented his visit in 1904.

The book contains a group of old photographs of the city of Doha and the Al Qubaib Mosque.

The owner of the library welcomed this initiative of the Ministry of Culture, which he described as good, because it allowed him to participate in the first edition of the Ramadan Book Fair. He welcomed the idea of ​​holding the exhibition and considered it one of the exhibitions that contribute to the revival of Islamic books during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Ramadan Book Fair, launched on Friday, sees the participation of 18 organizations and publishing houses from Qatar.

These are the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Qatar Charity, Holy Quran Radio, Dar Al Imam Al Bukhari, Dar Al Watad for publishing and distribution, Qatar University Press, Dar Rosa for publishing and Distribution, Majmaah Library, Visual Arts Center, Qatar Reads, Akas Centre, Quranic Botanical Garden, House of Cultures, Nabja House for Publishing and Distribution, International Commission for the Study of the Quran, Abdul Aziz Al Bohashem Al Sayed Library for Heritage Books and Dar Al Sharq.