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By Faye Gaston

Faye Gaston reviewed the historic events of Bullock County at the July 6, 2021 city council meeting in the historic preservation report on the agenda.

Eight events in 2004, seventeen years ago, were reported.

(1) In April 2002, the play “Conecuh People” ended its performances in front of another packed house at the Red Door Theater. Another play will continue next week in 2021.

(2) Senator Richard Shelby touched on several topics ranging from airport renovations to the Iraq war during his meeting at City Hall. The senator will retire in 2022. He led the inflow of millions of federal dollars to Bullock County.

(3) In March 2004, Super Dollar celebrated its grand opening. The wholesale store opened, replacing Bargain Town USA, which had been in business for over 30 years in Union Springs.

(4) Main Drug celebrated its 60th anniversary. This means that by 2021 it has been in business for 77 years.

(5) June 2004, Our little Bonnie Plan Farm is no longer small. Dennis Thomas, president of Bonnie Plant Farm, announced that the plant grower and distributor has reached and surpassed the $ 100 million mark in deliveries.

(6) According to Commission Chairman Ron Smith, all county government offices will soon have Internet service.

(7) A newly formed fire department has been accepted by the Bullock County Fire Chiefs Association. The Highway 51 Fire Department was formed and officially became one of seven departments now serving Bullock County. In 2021, we have eight fire departments.

(8) The Mayor and City Council of Union Springs are determined to stop the loud music from vehicles in the city streets and parking lots. Mayor Earl Hinson has asked Chief of Police EL Love to “stay informed”.

Thirty-two years ago, in June 1989, Union Springs City Council appointed Bradley Braswell as municipal judge. Lawyer Braswell fills the vacancy created when Judge Louis Rutland resigned after serving as a judge for 20 years. In 1989, the poles formerly used to place parking meters will soon fall. The city council authorized the street commissioner to remove the posts. Some of us remember the “Meter Maid” who could issue tickets if the meters were not powered.

57 years ago, in April 1964, the community of Almeria sponsored a barbecue. Plates will be $ 1.25 each. In 2021, you can’t get a cup of coffee for it.

Fifty-seven years ago, in 1964, the city of Union Springs decided to impose garbage collection fees on residential and commercial establishments within the city limits.

Eighty-two years ago, in 1939, the state planned to locate a permanent convict camp in this county, the site to be on the county farm on Midway Road, about two miles from Union Springs. The camp will have a capacity of about 160 men, and the convicts will be used for road works.

Time flies and we appreciate those who came before us for giving us what we have today.


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