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Panaji: Chaos on Day 1 of Ashtami Fair, but CCP denies confusion
India time | 5 hours ago | 19-08-2022 | 08:32
India time
5 hours ago | 19-08-2022 | 08:32

PANAJI: The opening day of the Ashtami Fair on Thursday was marked by confusion over the allocation of booths. Just two days ago, there was chaos at the office of the Panaji City Corporation (CCP) due to a lack of application forms for the fair. “This time we have been plagued with issues ranging from lack of forms to denial of stall space even after registration,” said Khayyum Fazilul Rehman, a vendor, who was supposed to set up a utensil stall. at the fair. “We have been attending the fair for 10 years and we also received a booth number this time. However, when arriving here, we did not receive any space for our business. There is a furniture booth erected in our slot and they refuse to budge,” he said. Rehman was among several vendors who sat along Mandovi’s promenade awaiting an update from the CCP on the status of their respective stalls. CCP has currently distributed stalls of 2.7mx 4m and a few of them opened on the first day of the fair.Furniture sellers usually occupy four stalls to accommodate their products, which is why CCP is considering to ask them to give up at least one stall area.”Furniture vendors have been given 250 locations and some of the areas in those locations will be reduced to accommodate other vendors who have filled out forms,” ​​said Bento Lorena, President of the CC Contracts Committee p. “We will try to give space to every vendor at the fair,” he said, adding that demand has increased this time because vendors from saptah Vasco have come to set up stalls. Lorena said that traditionally there had been furniture stalls and those selling requirements for Chaturthi. There has also been demand from local entrepreneurs, he added. “The pandemic has been tough on people, especially small entrepreneurs, and many of them were looking forward to attending the fair, which is why there were more vendors this time around,” the deputy mayor said. Sanjeev Naik. Every year, about 400-450 stalls come to the fair. This time, even as 1,000 people thronged the CCP office to apply for space, only 430 booths were assigned. The 10-day fair got off to a slow start on Thursday. As the majority of stands were not ready in the evening, attendance at the fair was low on the first day. Sellers also attributed the reason for the low turnout to rainy conditions. Jitendra Chitale, whose family has attended the fair for about 20 years, said bad weather could mean bad business if the skies don’t clear up. “Although the show was held last year, we stayed away due to the pandemic. We returned to the show after two years and have high expectations from buyers.” he said.