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How Enola Holmes 2 hosted real historical events in the movie

Enola Holmes 2 premiered on Netflix on November 4, 2022, following on from the highly successful first film of 2020.

The film follows Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) on her quest to become a freelance detective, just like her brother Sherlock Holmes (played by Henry Cavill), a famous detective in England and a true genius.

Her journey leads to the case of a missing girl named Sarah, who disappears while working in a match making factory. Following this, Enola Holmes uncovers dark and dangerous truths about the industry and those in power, who are trying to suppress a huge secret.

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These events in the film are said to be inspired by a real-life event in British history, called “The Matchgirls’ Strike”, where match factory workers went on strike to protest the use of toxic phosphorus. This took place in 1888.

Enola Holmes 2 aptly adapts this event into the context of the film and portrays a rare part of society that is often overlooked by many.

Enola Holmes 2 Matchgirl Strike: How true is that?

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Enola Holmes 2 portrayed Matchgirl Strike with a certain grace and poise by integrating it completely into the plot. The whole story surrounds Sarah Chapman, who is portrayed in the film as a girl who discovers government documents that reveal details about the toxic phosphorus used in the manufacture of matches.

Sarah Chapman’s story is perhaps over-dramatized in Enola Holmes 2, but she is a real historical figure who was instrumental in the Matchgirl strike of 1888. The strike was a real historic and significant event which saw British women take part in a full-fledged protest for the first time.

However, this protest was not only due to the issue of phosphorus poisoning, but also to the working conditions and pay issues workers were facing at that time.

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The event was portrayed dramatically, but most of the details about it were taken from real events. Of course, Enola Holmes is not a historical figure and she was not part of any of these events.

It’s a familiar way of telling a Sherlock story because author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also often hosted true historical events in Sherlock Holmes novels, some of which have also been adapted into other popular media.

The previous Enola Holmes The film also hosted a historic event in the form of the Great Reform Act, which is a central part of British history. Through Enola Holmes, the film explored the most overlooked parts of British history with great ease and detail.

It’s a theme that’s likely to continue in subsequent films. Enola Holmes 2 ended with the introduction of Doctor Watson, indicating that there would be another sequel to the film, if not more. Additionally, Moriarty has also promised to return in the future.

The new episode lived up to the hype of the previous one, already garnering rave reviews from around the world. Directed by Harry Bradbeer, the film features a screenplay by Jack Thorne. It is based on the novel of the same name by Nancy Springer.

Enola Holmes 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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