Historical events

Letter: “We should build bridges over past historical events”

In response to correspondence from J Horne (March 24) regarding his objections to Skipton Town Hall being illuminated in Ukrainian colours.

Whether or not J Horne is the same person of the past who particularly extolled the virtues of rugby union, I don’t know if the correspondent chooses to present a history lesson on the ‘bedmate teams’ of yore. is eighty years old. However, it seems appropriate to include the authorities of the French Rugby Union who themselves colluded with the Nazis in an attempt to wipe out the sport of rugby league from the country. Made!

Thus, according to the hypothesis of J Horne, should we have simultaneously ostracized all rugby union enthusiasts who crossed the Channel either as players or spectators in favor of rugby union in France? Not a word !

In the meantime, on the Town Hall illuminations account, I am firmly on the side of Skipton Town Council.

I understand the Nazi regime was evil in the extreme, but so were many others in the realms of history, including the British. However, many people, including POWs I later befriended, humbly admitted afterwards that they had been almost brainwashed like “lions led by donkeys” as influential authoritarians sought to exercise their status of sectarian complacency.

Without bloodshed, such an approach by certain “authoritarians” can even filter down to the workplace or even to a social or sports establishment committee.

We must try to build bridges with former offenders and certainly with future generations. So I conclude with a photo of a merry band of four who put our gracious locality on the sporting map when they featured for the Skipton team that won the North of England Athletics title.

Three of the winners of the championship, in the photo, are the sons of our war opponents, either German or Ukrainian. So that leaves only one of the triumphant foursome being a boy rooted to Skipton; but great friends of the community, all!

Roger Ingham