Historical books

Northampton event for historical books by local authors taking place this weekend

A literary event is taking place this weekend to give readers the chance to meet three historical book authors from Northampton.

Taking place from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday August 13 at the Central Library, authors Michael J. Lowis, Tony Berry and Pat Jones will be in attendance.

Michael, who recently published his tenth book, Djoser and the Gods, said: “We encourage anyone interested in reading local authors to come and put a face and a voice to a name.

Michael J. Lowis recently published his tenth book, Djoser and the Gods, will be at the event on Saturday August 13.

“We hope that this cultural event will help not only us as authors, but also the reputation of the city.”

Published by Stairwell Books, which organized the upcoming event, Michael’s historical novel is set in ancient Egypt – which has “always interested” him.

He will give a short reading from his book this Saturday (August 13) and says “it promises to be an interesting event for local bookworms”.

“I’ve always been interested in ancient civilization and there’s nothing more interesting than Egypt,” Michael said. “After visiting and finding strange souvenirs, it inspired me to do some research, which led to the story unfolding.”

Tony Berry writes about Cromwell and that country’s royalist history, and Pat Jones has written both children’s books and a historical fiction novel based on Nigeria.

The three authors know each other well and look forward to meeting readers at the event.

Michael published his first of 10 books in 2014, after retiring as a practicing academic at the University of Northampton, which he did for the last 10 years of his career.

Since then, he has published about one book a year.

Michael said: “Writing is about observing life and seeing a story in things.

“I always keep looking for inspiration for the next story.

“When you retire, you’re not physically able to do much, so getting your brain working is really important.”

Michael hopes that when readers embark on his stories, they’ll think “wow, did this really happen?” – which he hopes for his next historical novel about ancient Egypt, a separate story from Djoser and the gods.

As well as being a songwriter, Michael is also a member of the U3A Dixielanders – a 10-man jazz band.