Historical events

Opinion: College students are tired of experiencing historical events | Opinion

During my time in college, there was a pandemic, a category four hurricane, the impeachment of a president—twice—an attack on the US Capitol, and the start of a possible world war.

Everyone is tired of experiencing major historical events, but students are especially overwhelmed.

There has been a century of historic events in the last four years alone. I could fill an entire history book with just the events that took place while I was in college.

There is a real fear that history will continue to repeat itself. The pandemic could get worse at any moment, the problem in Ukraine could spread to other countries, another category four hurricane could strike and anything could happen to our economy.

Students graduating in 2020 have been thrown to the wolves. There were virtually no jobs available, let alone at the entry level. As a result, most 2020 grads I know have had to wait over a year before they can find jobs in their field.

2020 could repeat itself at any time or get worse. It is an unfortunate time to be a student as the job market could crash at any moment and many students are burdened with heavy loans.

Recent events have me wondering if getting a degree is worth it. After all, what does my high school diploma matter if the Earth keeps collapsing?

Sophomore finance student Greta McBride shares similar concerns.

McBride didn’t have a single semester in college that was completely normal. This semester — his fourth in college — has come closest to normalcy, but even then the pandemic is still not over.

“I worry about what our world will be like in the next ten years,” McBride said. “The last three years have been crazy. I never thought a pandemic would happen, so who knows what will happen next?”

She’s right. No one can know what will happen next, and it seems like the list of things that can go wrong contains endless possibilities.

At least we all have interesting stories to tell future generations.

Kacey Buercklin is a 20-year-old political communications major from Murrayville, GA.