‘Medical Treasures at Emory’ Features Historical Books and Artifacts | Emory University

“Medical Treasures at Emory”, an Exhibition of Intriguing Historical Medical Books and Artifacts, Now Open at Emory University Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library (WHSCL) – a reminder of the days when doctors had a rudimentary understanding of human anatomy, performed surgeries without antiseptics, and used primitive forms of anesthesia for operations and dental care. An […]

Historical films help students learn, but separating fact from fiction can be a challenge – The Source

Students who learn history by watching blockbuster films based on history may be doomed to repeat the historical mistakes described in them, suggests a new study from Washington University in St. Louis. The study, to appear in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that showing popular history films in a classroom can be a double-edged sword […]

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