Ministry of Defense launches new exhibition comparing historical events to the present day

History can be repetitive, but how does it compare over time? The Dufferin Museum (MoD) has launched a new main exhibition titled ‘Through the Looking Glass’, which allows visitors to explore how common daily events and events of the past compare to those of the present. The exhibit consists of 21 unique subjects including weddings, […]

Beloved National Anthem to be Altered to Reflect ‘Timeline of Historical Events’ – The First News

Dąbrowski Mazurka’s hymn, which begins with “Poland has not yet perished”, expressed the idea that the Polish nation, despite the absence of an independent state, had not disappeared as long as the Polish people was still alive and fighting on his behalf. . Public domain The Polish national anthem is to be amended under new […]

‘Tired of living through historic events’: Southeastern Louisiana students analyze continuing effects of Hurricane Ida | New

Lauren Leonard is no stranger to hurricanes. Houma’s memories of hurricanes date back to 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated southeast Louisiana. Leonard, a digital advertising executive, still never understood the destruction a hurricane could cause – until Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida made landfall near Port Fourchon as a Category 4 storm on August 29 – […]

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