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Publication of a book on the historical events of the political struggle of the Naga | Morung Express

(Left) Author Dr Hokishe Yeputhomi and Nikheto Zhimomi, President, Sumi Hoho releases the book on January 9 at SBCZ.

Zunheboto, January 9 (MExN): A book titled “Crossroad: Concise Historical Events in the Naga Political Struggle” written by Dr Hokishe Yeputhomi, Nagaland Tribal Council Advisor and former President Sumi Hoho was published Sunday by Sumi Hoho President Nikheto Zhimomi at Baptist Church Sumi from Zunheboto.

Stating that the book is one of a kind, Nikheto Zhimomi said it would be of great help to history scholars and writers as it encompasses several important topics. He assured that the Sumi people and the Nagas in general would keep the book for posterity. While congratulating the author, he challenged the educated young generation by stating that if an eighty-seven-year-old man could write a book, why not them. He further encouraged the younger generation that the success of this octogenarian should open their eyes.

Book author Dr Hokishe Yeputhomi revealed that it took him over two years to write this book, adding that he was absorbed in writing this book throughout the pandemic. The book is an ultra-compact documentary volume that covers nearly all of the historical Naga events and agreements that unfolded from the 12th century AD to the present day context, he said. Yeputhomi further stated that although written in short, this book could help researchers and academics. They could easily check out their needs all at once without letting them flip through many books, he added.

On the occasion, Vihoto Awomi, Secretary of Mission and Evangelism SBAK Nito Mount delivered the dedication prayer of the book. Meanwhile, Dr Hokishe Yeputhomi expressed his gratitude to Dr Hutton Sümi, Pastor Sumi Baptist Church, Zunheboto for giving him the opportunity to publish the book in the church and also thanked Nikheto Zhimomi, President, Sumi Hoho, all the Apex Sümi frontline organizations, guests and the congregation that had witnessed and honored the event of his book’s release.