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Delaware to Celebrate Women’s History Month with Historic Town Square Delaware LIVE Events

The Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs will host two special events in March to commemorate the historical contributions of Delaware women. The events follow a series of events held in February to celebrate Black History Month. Two of these events have not yet been organized. All programs are free and open to the […]

Historical events

How historical events impacted bridal fashion

[ad_1] The evolution of bridal fashion has a somewhat distinct trajectory from the rest of the fashion industry. “It doesn’t necessarily reflect the particular era in which it was made, rather it is a sort of amalgamation of fantasy, historical styles and contemporary trends,” explains fashion historian Sara. Idacavage. And the influence of geographic regions, […]

Historical events

McConnell says he is “concerned” about schools denigrating US historical events

[ad_1] Senatorial Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday he was “concerned” about teachers trying to “denigrate” historic events in US history as some schools heat up to teach a critical program of racial theory. McConnell, R-Ky., Said, however, that he doesn’t think the government should prescribe what is taught in classrooms, but schools should be […]

Historical events

Florida education proposal targets efforts to ‘brainwash’ students into historic events

[ad_1] TALLAHASSEE – A proposed rule that will be evaluated by the State Board of Education aims to control how history is taught in Florida classrooms and not allow teachers to “brainwash” students, in the part of what state education commissioner Richard Corcoran has called a “constant, vigilant struggle.” The proposed rule is intended to […]

Historical events

36 major historical events that took place during Prince Philip’s lifetime

[ad_1] Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II’s husband died yesterday (April 9), aged 99. He has almost lived a century. Imagine how many historical events he must have witnessed in his lifetime. Too much to count? Well, we’ve listed them. 1. 1921: The Russian famine started and lasted until 1922. Famine […]

Historical events

Minnesota Kindergarten to Grade 12 Social Studies Project Rejects Major American Historical Events for “Systemic Racism”

[ad_1] The Minnesota Department of Education has released its first draft of K-12 Social Studies Standards for the Next Ten Years, a proposal that omits most significant events in American history and instead focuses on “racism. systemic “and the oppression of the” marginalized “throughout the history of the United States and Minnesota. All Disorganized can […]

Historical events

New Bill to Inform Florida Students of Historic Events on Governor’s Desk | West Orange Times & Observer

[ad_1] An internal bill including a provision that all Florida students learn of the 1920 Ocoee Election Day massacre has been sent to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. House Bill 1213 – sponsored by Representative Randy Fine (R-Palm Bay) – involves educational instruction on historical events. The bill requires every school district to teach students about […]

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Jean Fritz, author of biographies and historical children’s books, dies at 101

[ad_1] Jean Fritz, author of nearly 50 children’s books, most of which are fast-paced and vividly written historical and biographical works, died on May 14 at a nursing home in Sleepy Hollow, NY. She was 101 years old. The cause was complications from pneumonia, said her son, David Fritz. Ms. Fritz began her literary career […]

Historical events

How long is too early? Ten films that touched on recent historical events

[ad_1] This weekend, the drama of journalism Truth hits theaters, starring Robert Redford as a former CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather. The film follows a controversial report aired in 2004, which suggested that President George W. Bush received preferential treatment to avoid conscription during the Vietnam War. The report relied on documents which were […]