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Governor Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case: Feds predict avalanche of secret tapes at trial

He told lawyers he intended to prevent the blockbuster trial from becoming a political circus, despite his ties to right-wing protest movements that have sprung up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Related: “I don’t want the trial to become a referendum on whether the Ottawa truck convoy is right or wrong, or whether what happened on […]

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Place historical events in the correct order in WikiTrivia

Which came first, founding Siemens or rebuilding the Palace of Westminster? And was Finland established as an independent state before or after Mexican film actress Dolores del Rio was born? The answers are “Siemens” and “after”, respectively. These are things I learned today while playing WikiTrivia, a free browser game from Tom Watson that extracts […]

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McConnell says he is “concerned” about schools denigrating US historical events

[ad_1] Senatorial Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday he was “concerned” about teachers trying to “denigrate” historic events in US history as some schools heat up to teach a critical program of racial theory. McConnell, R-Ky., Said, however, that he doesn’t think the government should prescribe what is taught in classrooms, but schools should be […]

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Florida education proposal targets efforts to ‘brainwash’ students into historic events

[ad_1] TALLAHASSEE – A proposed rule that will be evaluated by the State Board of Education aims to control how history is taught in Florida classrooms and not allow teachers to “brainwash” students, in the part of what state education commissioner Richard Corcoran has called a “constant, vigilant struggle.” The proposed rule is intended to […]

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36 major historical events that took place during Prince Philip’s lifetime

[ad_1] Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II’s husband died yesterday (April 9), aged 99. He has almost lived a century. Imagine how many historical events he must have witnessed in his lifetime. Too much to count? Well, we’ve listed them. 1. 1921: The Russian famine started and lasted until 1922. Famine […]

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Minnesota Kindergarten to Grade 12 Social Studies Project Rejects Major American Historical Events for “Systemic Racism”

[ad_1] The Minnesota Department of Education has released its first draft of K-12 Social Studies Standards for the Next Ten Years, a proposal that omits most significant events in American history and instead focuses on “racism. systemic “and the oppression of the” marginalized “throughout the history of the United States and Minnesota. All Disorganized can […]

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5 historical events that happened at Christmas

[ad_1] Who’s ready for the holiday cheer? Christmas has been a federal holiday since 1870, so we’re used to having a few days off with the family and drinking too much eggnog. However, Christmas was not always such a big celebration. Throughout most of human history, prominent politicians have not let pesky vacations get in […]

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Best historical films of 2019 | Top 10 period dramas

[ad_1] The most difficult choice for a filmmaker is the conundrum of trading historical accuracy and authenticity with theatrical prowess. While the two are equally important in uplifting a movie, they don’t always go hand in hand. The success of previous historical and period films relies on the execution of certain elements of storytelling such […]

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‘Medical Treasures at Emory’ Features Historical Books and Artifacts | Emory University

[ad_1] “Medical Treasures at Emory”, an Exhibition of Intriguing Historical Medical Books and Artifacts, Now Open at Emory University Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library (WHSCL) – a reminder of the days when doctors had a rudimentary understanding of human anatomy, performed surgeries without antiseptics, and used primitive forms of anesthesia for operations and dental care. […]

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Historical films help students learn, but separating fact from fiction can be a challenge – The Source

[ad_1] Students who learn history by watching blockbuster films based on history may be doomed to repeat the historical mistakes described in them, suggests a new study from Washington University in St. Louis. The study, to appear in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that showing popular history films in a classroom can be a double-edged […]