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Three historic events that took place on August 31

While every day is important for exploring history, August 31 in particular was quite eventful. Over the centuries, remarkable events have taken place on this date that have changed the course of history. To commemorate and celebrate this day, let’s explore some of the most notable events that took place on this date.

King Henry VI becomes king at age nine

Born at historic Windsor Castle, King Henry VI was chosen to become king at the age of nine months on August 31, 1422. Succeeding his father Henry V, the king soon became King of France in 1431. Although he n He was only nine months old when elected king, and was not crowned until 1429. Known for being shy, noble and against war, King Henry VI was considered by many to be unfit to rule. However, he left behind a strong foundation which includes educational institutions such as King’s College in Cambridge and All Souls College in Oxford.

King Henry VI of England

Sultan Abdul Hamid II ascends the throne

On August 31, 1876, the 34th Ottoman Sultan known as Sultan Abdul Hamid II ascended the throne. Considered by many to be the founder of modern Turkey, Sultan Abdul Hamid II was notably known for his major developments in the empire. From cultural modernization to revising examination standards in schools, the Sultan’s legacy and changes are visible throughout modern Turkey today. In power for 33 long years, the sultan was known for his work in establishing many schools, including many schools for the disabled.

Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Malaysia gains independence

The British have a long history of ruling Malaysia dating back to 1786! It was in this year that the East India Company set up a trading post on the island of Penang. With many people flocking to Malaysia from China and India to work on the plantations and tin mines, the labor supply was huge. Soon after, the Japanese took over until the late 1940s when the British regained control. The Malays reacted strongly to this ordeal by organizing elections in 1955 and soon after, Tunku Abdul Rahman became the first Prime Minister of the Independent Federation of Malaysia on August 31, 1957. The country was soon renamed Malaysia in 1963.

Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman of Malaysia

Main image credit: Fabien Barrel (Unsplash)

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