Request Patient Billing Records


Subpoenas requesting patient billings records should be addressed to the hospital from which the records are being requested. The subpoena must include the patient’s name and date of birth, and the dates of service.

The subpoena should be served on the custodian of billing records for the specific hospital and should be addressed to:

Custodian of Billing Records
(Name of hospital)
Patient Financial Services
3910 Keswick Road, S- 5100
Baltimore, MD 21211

Billing Requests From Attorneys or Document Retrieval Companies

Please make sure your request for health information states which hospital is being authorized to release patient health information (PHI). If the authorization does not include the hospital’s name, the request will be returned.

Please note: If requesting bills from more than one hospital, separate requests must be sent for each hospital.

The billing request should include the patient’s name and date of birth, and the last four digits of the person’s Social Security number. This information is needed to correctly identify the patient. The dates of service are also required.

Attorneys’ billing requests for hospital information are completed by the Datavant tteam onsite in the Patient Financial Services department. Once request is received, Datavant will provide you with an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, the requested itemized bill will be forward according to your requested method of delivery.

Request for hospital bills may be faxed to 410-367-2056 or emailed to:

  • [email protected] for The Johns Hopkins Hospital— Baltimore
  • [email protected] for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Inc.
  • [email protected] for Howard County General Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital or Suburban Hospital
  • [email protected] for Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital— Florida *Do not fax request for Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital— email only.

(Email addresses above are checked daily.) 

Please indicate on the request the name of the hospital from which records are being requested, and how you want the records sent:

  1. In PDF format and emailed (NOTE: This is the quickest way to receive the records. Please provide an email address.)
  2. Faxed (Please provide a fax number.)
  3. By U.S. Postal Service (Please provide a mailing address.)

Please allow 30 days for requests to be processed and for documents to arrive.

Requests for Patient Account Balance

To obtain balances on patient accounts, patients or their representatives should contact the billing customer service department. You can email requests to [email protected]. Please provide the hospital name and account number, and the dates of service.

Requests for Hospital Medical Records

Follow these instructions to request a copy of medical records for yourself or another person.

Requests for Physician Bills

For all physicians bill request fax 410-367-2171 or email [email protected].