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Innovative research conducted at Johns Hopkins Medicine is vital to both medical advances and unsurpassed patient care.
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    Research begins in the lab, which is why we prioritize lab facilities that drive discovery and advancement in research.

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    Our faculty members expand what's possible through biomedical research.

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    Clinical trials provide important research for a wide range of conditions. Find out more about clinical trials at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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Research Topics

At the foundation of Johns Hopkins Medicine is research - from basic research, where scientists study cells and mechanisms, to clinical research that builds on those findings using trials, to translational research that takes information learned from trials to the patient bedside.

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What do coffee, tomatoes, wine and meats have in common with your brain? Johns Hopkins Medicine researcher Gabsang Lee finds that acids that we love to taste could contribute to ALS.

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Woman to Woman Scientist: Advice for Early-Career Scientists

At this year’s Kuggie Vallee Distinguished Lecture, featured speaker Eva Nogales of the University of California, Berkeley, along with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine faculty members shared guidance on navigating postdoctoral fellow positions, the junior faculty years, becoming a principal investigator and more.

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Research and Education

The School of Medicine fosters a community of lifelong learners interested in answering the biggest and boldest questions in biomedical research for faculty and researchers.

Discoveries for a Better Tomorrow

Technology Connecting the Brain to the Human Experience—Joshua T. Vogelstein

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Donors for Bone Marrow Transplant | Javier Bolaños-Meade, M.D.

TomorrowsDiscoveries Donors for Bone Marrow Transplant  Javier BolaosMeade MD

The Future of Surgeons - Dr. Gina Adrales

TomorrowsDiscoveries  The Future of Surgeons  Dr Gina Adrales