Video Visits From Home

Using Telemedicine to Connect to Your Johns Hopkins Doctor and Care Provider

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Patients with a MyChart account or new patients can participate in a live-video appointment, called a video visit, with their Johns Hopkins outpatient primary or specialty care provider. Video visits allow patients to connect face-to-face in real time without leaving their home. Patients can use a smartphone, tablet or computer. If you do not have a device to use for a video visit, you and your provider may decide that a telephone call will meet your needs.

MyChart virtual video visits are secure and HIPAA compliant. Professional world language or sign language interpreters and other accommodations are available to join a telemedicine video or phone visit.

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Tools You'll Need

  • MyChart Account (If you do not have a MyChart account, you can request one by filling out our online form.)
  • Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop with Webcam with internet or strong wifi signal
    • Apple device users: Please update your device to version 15.2. Older versions are unable to connect to a Johns Hopkins Medicine video visit. Learn more.
  • Speakers or Headphones

Having Problems?

If you have trouble preparing for your visit, you can call the Johns Hopkins Telemedicine Support Line.

Frequently Asked Questions