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Museum Hours

The Hopkins Historical Society Museum is year around, except the week of July 4th and the week over Christmas – New Years.  You are welcome to visit us from  on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 12 noon. To visit the museum at any other time, please call 952-548-6480 for an appointment.

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Hopkins Through the Years

It has come to the attention of the historical society that its published history book on our town, Hopkins Through the Years, has appeared on Internet sites like Amazon.com for highly inflated prices. We found one book advertised as ‘new’ with an asking price of $98.11! Used books with lower prices have also been advertised, but even at the lowest price plus shipping, one would be better off buying the same book new from HHS. The cost of Hopkins Through the Years – NEW – is still just $20.00 and $5 shipping/handling when you buy from us.  Save yourself some money and support our society by buying your Hopkins history books direct from the source.

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Historic Homes

Do you love your old Hopkins-area house? Apply for local historic status! It’s easy. Click here for a printable application, stop by the Hopkins Historical Society, or call 952-548-6480 and we will assist you. Awards are given each October.

Exhibits/On DisplayHennepinCountyReview

  • Hennepin County Review newspapers from the mid 1920′s through the 1970s.
  •  Over 450 documented family histories.
  • An extensive collection of Hopkins School history including yearbooks dating from the 1930s. We also have many yearbooks from Blake School.
  • A collection of military memorabilia – both in our library and as artifacts including WWII Hopkins muster roll with pictures, the ‘Bulldozer’ newsletter sent to Hopkins boys in WWII service and a book on Minneapolis Moline workers who served in the war.
  • Minneapolis Threshing Machine and Minneapolis Moline History.
  • A comprehensive collection of Czech history.
  • Annual Raspberry Festival history filed by year starting with 1935.

Hopkins Notables

Hopkins is fortunate to have persons who have had a unique impact on this community and in many instances beyond on the area, state, and nation.   Such as…

W. Robert Worrell - award winning industrial designer. In 1976 Bob and wife, Judy, founded Worrell Design Inc. which has designed 35 medical devices approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These designs include diabetes management tools to infusion devices, heart valves, cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators and others awaiting approval. While a substantial portion of the firm’s output are medical products, other designs include the ubiquitous “smart straw” on cans of WD-40 and the long lived logo found on Bob Cat Inc. loaders

L. Thomas Aldrich - (1917-2013) Geophysicist – was known worldwide for his work as a geophysicist and geochemist at the Carnegie Institute for Science’s Department of Terrestrial Magnetism as part of a research team that pioneered the development of methods and instruments for determining the age of rocks through dating their constituent minerals.

Dr. Catherine Burnes - First doctor to serve the Hopkins area and first female to graduate from the University of Minnesota Medical School.  Practiced medicine from 1886 – 1917

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Fees for Research Services

Fees may be assessed for some research services performed at the Hopkins Historical Society based on an individual basis. For most members’ requests, these fees are small or do not apply.


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